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Ok that's it.........

Mr Pity Party....... You want to know why some people dislike you.....?

You think it's ok to jeopardize my son and my self..... And my entire family because of the BULLSHIT you've done....?! You think you can get away with it and have absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES?!

Well it's time to REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!

You want to know why people dislike you......?!

I'll tell you why.....!!

But before I do know this.......:: I never wanted this to happen!!! I gave you plenty of chances to just leave me alone!!!! I'm a peaceful person, if you don't mess with people important to me...... As long as you leave them alone then I can easily ignore you and everyone else. But you almost cost my son his life before he was even born!!!! You caused SOOO much grief to my husband, my father, my family, my friends........ That is unforgivable!!! One of my oldest friends only tried to help and make amends, and you ignored him. Made horrible accusations against him..... You have no soul. You have done worse things to me and so many others before me........ It's time for it to stop!!!

Quit!!! Just stop!!!! Leave us ALL ALONE!!!!

You don't know who you are talking to when you're on a computer screen. You and everyone else in this world doesn't know who they are really talking to!!!! It's the "beauty of anonymity"!!!! You and you alone are responsible for YOUR OWN ACTIONS!!!! No one else!!! If you write a journal entry about someone that is YOUR OWN ACTION!!!! It is time for your bullying to STOP!!!!

Do you really want to know why people dislike you?? I can and I am very capable of being peaceful and kind. But I am also capable of saying horribly mean hateful spiteful things against people who have hurt me. Hell if I wanted to I could say it just for the hell of it. But I don't. Unless I'm super pissed, and even then I still restrain myself.

But you, I will have no mercy on you.

Do you really think that the people I care about would let you rest if you mention my name?? Every time you mention my name they know about it. Because I have people who care about me.

They all have seen firsthand what you are capable of through words alone. You nearly cost me my life. And you are a big fucking hypocrit!!!

Do you know why people dislike you??

Because you are incapable of caring about anyone else. There are so many other reasons too!!!

Everytime you upload a journal you are ranting about something you read, saw, heard that upset you. Sometime even stuff on the Internet that was said about you....... Wow.... Imagine that YOU got upset over words you READ ON THE INTERNET!!!! Just like I apparently did!!! Hypocrit!!!!

You constantly dehumanize me by calling me an "it", and you think using periods and quotations makes it excusable!!! "lil.the" ring any bells?!? Huh?!? Well "dall.lles.aul" aka "hername.sdr.n" how does it feel? Huh?!?

You think I lied to you, huh? You've never even met me. You don't know me, in person. Hell you don't even know me on the Internet!! You never tried!!! Friendship is a two way street, "hername.sdr.n"/"dall.lles.aul"!!! It's a TWO WAY STREET!!! I tried to be your friend!!!! I tried!!!! You told me what happened to you and I told you my own story of being bullied under "similar circumstances"!!! But after that you suddenly never talked to me. Whenever you did, I tried to be friendly. Then you started to ignore me completely!!! And when I was freaking out thinking I'd done something wrong, my husband had to practically shout at you to tell me what was wrong!!! I was opening my arms to help you!!! You pushed me away!! My husband told YOU, to be a man and tell me what was going on!!! You closed me off!!! Not the other way around!!! Then after that you suddenly started talking to me said something about things were getting weird. Then after my oldest friend and my father started talking to you, you blew me off completely and started this war against all of us!!! If YOU had bothered to try to get to know me a little more you would've known about my friend way before he made an account here, same thing with my father!!! Same thing with everything about me that doesn't seem to make sense!!!! Everyone who actually takes a chance to get to know me knows me. Knows who I am, what I like, what makes laugh, everything!!!! So I say this again:: if YOU had taken the time to get to KNOW ME everything that "didn't make sense" would've MADE SENSE!!!!

But no, you couldn't do that. You let your paranoia control you and tell you to close me off and make me an automatic enemy!!!! That was YOUR MOVE not mine. You made me your enemy way before things got so heated!!!

If you had gotten to know me you would've found out that I have Mexican/Latina blood in me on my mothers side of the family, my great grandmother was Mexican and yes she came here legally she didn't "cheat the system". And as we all know the "stereotype" of Latinas is they have a wicked temper, and are very stubborn...... Yeah that would've been helpful to know wouldn't it, "hername.sdr.n"/"dall.lles.aul"!!??!? You know all about tan skinned fiery tempered ladies!!! They're your favorite rarity!!! Then you would've been able to "handle my temper"!!!

But nope you never even tried to be a friend!!! Hey I understand you've been hurt, but hey so have I!!!! In very similar circumstances!!!! You even wrote a journal about it "bullying in smaller subcultures"!!!! I thought that that alone meant we had "something in common" and we could be friends and help each other. But maybe I wasn't online enough for you. Because I actually do have a life offline. A husband, sisters, and now a son, friends, family!!!

But I guess if I'm not at your beck and call like your other "friends"/"favo..tes" then I'm not as important or as trustable!!!

But you know what you could learn from your friend that you called a "mouthpiece"/"Rasputin"....... He actually tries to be nice to people even if they aren't always nice to him. He was always kind and nice to you, but if he was nice to anyone else simply because YOU didn't trust them then he wasn't good enough any more!!! But hey I can relate, I'd hate for anyone whose important to be to be turned against me. But you know what else?? That shows you have no trust in your friends either!!!! How can you expect them to stay by your side when YOU don't trust them?!? What is this elementary school?? "You can't be friends with little Beth from down the lane and me! So choose!!" Huh?!?? Friends and friendship isn't something you can toss away and act like it's no big deal. Friends are people, you DON'T HAVE TO BE sexually attracted to them to be capable of being nice and civil to them!! And friendship is NOT A BAUBLE YOU CAN THROW AWAY because you're bored and "don't like them anymore"!!!! Friendship much like ANY human relationship is about give and take, commitment, understanding, and patience, and learning to listen!!! It's not about people who support your every word no matter what!!! No one is ever that completely alike!!! And even if they are they will still have slight differences and like different things!!! All you do is take, take, take!!! You don't understand, you don't listen, you have no patience, clearly have a fear of commitment, and you don't care about anyone but yourself!!! You are nothing but a facade of understanding!! You pretend to care when it suits you, so that your "friends"/"favo..tes" will stay. But the moment one of them doesn't agree with you, YOU TOSS THEM LIKE A USED TISSUE!!! You did that to "Lun..Li.y.ol.", you've done it to "Bl..k.ox..kur.", I'm not surprised. After I heard from her what you told her to do to me. Do you know what?!? "Lun..Li.y.ol." told me she never even really liked you, she pitied you, you were a play thing, a toy. She told me you "ordered" her to attack me because you WANTED ME TO MISCARRY!!! She told me that she didn't want to, that it wasn't right. She's a protector, not an attacker. She would never attack an innocent. My son was that very innocent that you wanted to attack. So you threw her away. And she was glad to be gone.

I am tired of living in fear that something I post online is going to cause you to retaliate and say horrible things about me and my family and my friends. I am tired of it!!! No more!!! I'm sick of it!!! If you have a problem with me come and say it to me!!! Oh wait you can't because we have each other blocked!!! And even if we didn't, you don't have the nerve to...... You never did....... When I thought I did something wrong you never told me so that I could fix it. How was I supposed to know if you didn't tell me!?!!?!!!

Your problem is you are incapable of loving anyone but yourself!! That's why people dislike and hate you!!!! No one else is allowed to have an opinion except you!!! You're a tyrant in the making!!! You're worse than the algae that feeds on pond scum!!! You're worse than "eri.."/"ama..a"/whoever!!!

You're a selfish bastard!!!

I bet the whole reason you're "into objects in the way a man is into women" is because you couldn't find a woman who could stand being around you!!! Or hell maybe you couldn't "get it up"....? Or maybe you suffer from something called a "micro penis"....? Then again if you did your dick personality more than makes up for it!!!

I bet that's why "En..a" left, I bet that's why. She could handle the "micro penis", she just couldn't handle the dick it was attached to! Your own dick didn't like you so it shrunk to try feebly to detach itself from you as much as possible!!!

See that what I just did?? That's me when I'm super pissed beyond consolation. This is me not holding back. I hit the sore spots, I hit right where it hurts..... And I can still do much much worse with my words alone. And I will do much worse..... If you don't leave me, my family and my friends ALONE!!!!

The gauntlet has been thrown, raise your white flag..... Or prepare to have hell's fury reign upon you.

If you apologize, I won't forgive you but I will move on. If you stop mentioning my name and stop mentioning anything having to do with me, my family or friends. Then I will move on. Until then be prepared.

I am not backing down, I'm not letting my fear of Internet bullies, trolls and the like control what I do and do not put on the Internet anymore!! I'm not letting fear control me anymore!!! I am taking a stand now!!! A stand against you "hernam.sdr.n"/"Dall.lles.aul" and all Internet bullies, trolls, etc!!!

I'm going to speak my mind and if you don't like it, then leave and don't let the cloven hooved foot of my father hit you on the way out!!!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm goth deal with it!! I write angsty poetry.

Current Residence: hell
Favourite genre of music: metal, goth, rock, alot of stuff.....
Favourite style of art: horror
Operating System: blood!!
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Shell of choice: my fiance's warm hugs, the dark
Wallpaper of choice: bloody
Skin of choice: my fiance's...*evilgrin*
Favourite cartoon character: Raven, BeastBoy, Creepie, Skipper, Raven, Morpheus, Misery Whispers, Cassie, J, CC
Personal Quote: Imma spazz!!!

PS:: I do not support "Sweeney Todd X Mrs. Nellie Ann Margery Lovett" (though sometimes I do....)


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Tagged Enjoy 
 Tagged I'm it.
Tagged by :icondoctorwhooves107:

1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer 
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this.'
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
7.) No tag backs
8.) You can't say, no tags
9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.
1) What is your favorite movie or movie series of all time?
I love the book of life!
2) Who is your favorite video game character?
Sora from Kingdom hearts
3) Hobbies?
drawing, reading, writing, color guard and crafts
4) The best thing that has ever happened to you?
One of my pumpkin carvings was on Equestria daily
5) Favorite book?
I've read to many too have a favorite
6) Do you have a dream career? If so, what do you dream of becoming?
Either a writer or a detecitve
7) What is your New Year's resolution?
Get a better self esteem and make friends
8) Favorite author?
read too many books sorry it's so hard to pick just one
9) Any role models you look up to?
John green and my father.
10) Did you have a fun Winter Break?
Yup! not much happened though besides my cousins from costa rica coming to visit
Next set of questions:
1. What is your worst fear?

do i have to? fine... big dogs
2. What is your favorite song?

Warriors by imagine dragons
3. What would you do if you met one of your idles and you see a sniper pointed at their head?

Block the sniper
4. What would corrupt you?( make you turn evil/ make you go into a great depression)

Ummm having another awful year at school? or losing all of my friends i guess
5. Favorite Animal?

6. Where would you go for an all paid vacation?

7. Do you like being tagged?

i guess?
8. If you could be in any TV show, where would you go?(anime counts)

Sherlock! or star trek... or My little pony pony... AH QUESTION TOO HARD! *brain explodes*
9. Would you rather be in a non stop loop of your death with no end or live forever in a world with no other humans? (wow this got dark .3.)

live in a world with no other humans
10. Cake or Ice cream?

MY Questions
1. Anime? yes or no
2. In all of the world where would you go if you had one day to live?
3. What is your favorite type of music?
I don't really have a favorite type though I just can't stand screamo or what ever its called.   
4. Star trek or Star wars? (if you don't know it's ok :) (Smile) )
I am a fan of both though Star Wars is at the top of the list. 
5. Do you like ponies?
Only if they are from the MLP universe. Ha ha. 
6. Would you rather have magic or have amazing fighting abilities?
7. Favorite animal?
T Rex. 
8. Favorite school subject?
Tough one I would say Physics, 
9. Favorite book?
That is a tough one I don't really have a favorite though I say The School for Good and Evil was a great page turner. 
10. what's your favorite word? (mine's Kumquat) 
I would say Kaiju. I just sound awesome. 

Dragonking's Questions
1) (Lets start out easy) What is your favorite color? 
2) (To solve a life long rivalry) Digimon or Pokemon? (You can choose neither) 
3) Favorite Dinosaur? 
4)Batman or Iron man? 
5) Have you seen the new Godzilla and what do you think? (If you don't know him then skip the question)
6) Have you ever read a story(fan fiction counts) that touched your heart and soul and made you feel all good inside?(If so please share).  
7) Who is your role model?
8) What do you do the relax after a long day?
9) Favorite videogame?
10) Favorite voice actor/ actress. 
1. :iconmegaelekid947:
2. :iconheartlessdemonasil:
3. :iconsylverfire-lilithe:
4. :iconnathanl9:
5. :icondashingflow:
6. :iconienzo628:
7. :iconcartoonwatch:
8. :iconvampirate-freak101:
9. :icondramonfanatic:
10. :iconsonicdooplissfan:
Have fun and I'm so sorry to those who don't like tags.
  • Mood:  Optimism
  • Listening to: Dragon Force
  • Reading: The School for good and evil
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Ruby, or Sonic Boom.
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water
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